Anna Curtis

No picture for this member yet!Everyone who becomes an EP has a story to tell but for me there was never just one horse or one incident that led me to choose this as a career, more a lifetime’s worth of observations and frustrations. In an honest account of my experience, having been working as a groom in the equine industry for over ten years, I’ve seen tendons ruptured, thrush so bad that you couldn’t pick a hoof out for blood, not to mention flat feet, hoof cracks and rotated pedal bones. Poulticing for abscesses became just a normal part of daily care along with horses humanely destroyed because of failures to recognise and act on so many hoof related problems. To me none of this felt good enough to accept. I just wanted normal healthy horses with normal healthy hooves and I felt the industry I was in was systematically failing them on a massive level.

I no longer wanted to be part of the problem, I wanted to be part of the solution and so joined the EPA. Having completed my diploma, I have now begun on a road where I am finally in a position to help in an ethical, safe and holistic manner, founded on science.

Date Qualified: September 2014
Area Covered:  Covering parts of Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire
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Social Media: Facebook: H.H.Hoofcare
Contact Number: 07733 103186