Our Members

Register of Members

The Association maintains a list of all members. Members are listed according to class of membership. The Association publishes the section of the register which lists full members – those that are qualified as Equine Podiatrists and have met the association’s requirements for continued membership.

Those using or intending to use an Equine Podiatrist are encouraged to check that their EP is listed in the published list. EPs listed here are backed by the association’s rules and will be subject to disciplinary action where those rules are broken. Professionals not listed here do not come with that backing.

The register of full members:

All full members of the association are listed below. Click on a name to see details. There is also a searchable map that can be used to find an EP in your area.

Student EPs:

As part of their training, students of Equine Podiatry Training Ltd undertake case studies to further their knowledge and skills. A list of students who are working on their case studies can be found on the Equine Podiatry Training Ltd website.