Amy Mitchell

I have shared my life with horses since I was about 8 years old and learnt to ride on my friends pony Chris. I found Equine Podiatry when my young ex-race horse Mary was always losing shoes and following a period of box rest was left foot sore after an over enthusiastic farrier visit. She had very under run heels and I was told she couldn’t cope without shoes, but she was a horse right? And horses are born walking on their hooves! So I did my research and decided to train myself to help both Mary and me. I have since become fascinated by the amazing piece of engineering that is the equine foot and have seen several flat footed thoroughbreds develop healthy feet that can happily carry them over most surfaces through good trimming and management of  influencing factors such as diet. This career change has been a turning point in my life, enabling me to combine my love of horses with an opportunity to help owners of all types of horses get the best from their four legged friends.

So why call myself Heavenly Hooves Equine Podiatry? Mary who was my inspiration was sadly lost to a form of cancer. Her racing name was Heavenly Pursuit so Heavenly Hooves is my dedication to her

Date Qualified: January 2018
Area Covered: Newark, Lincoln, Huntingdon and surrounding areas
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Contact Number: 07877 625345