Bonny Mealand

As one of the founder members of the EPA Bonny has been practising and promoting responsible hoofcare since 2005. She offers experienced trimming, advice and support for owners and equines on their barefoot journey, combined with skilled and compassionate handling techniques and an in depth understanding of species appropriate management that can be realistically implemented in a domestic setting.

Living and working on the west coast of Scotland has brought many challenges, all of which have been learnt from and integrated into the achievable, structured and appropriate advice that Bonny is able to offer.

Passionate about her profession, Bonny regularly attends workshops, studies online programmes and carries out research to deepen her understanding of equine health and well-being and to enhance the services that she can offer. Bonny believes strongly in a holistic approach and is grateful to have an established network of equine practitioners specialising in other areas to call on, as well as the vast knowledge and experience of her fellow EPs which is generously shared whenever needed.

As well as working with a wide range of hoof related problems, Bonny’s particular interest is equine behaviour, and she finds the work with young, elderly, ‘difficult’ and untouched equines deeply rewarding. She also works with feral and wild horses, building a trusting relationship with each animal so as to be able to trim their hooves and handle them for other health related reasons. Read about her work with these types of equines here- 

Bonny is currently on sabbatical in Zimbabwe studying zebra hooves and behaviour. 

Date Qualified: October 2005
Area Covered: Highlands & Islands of Scotland
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Contact Number: 07920 488107