Jayne Hunt

I first began to learn about hooves because I wanted to help my elderly horse who was showing definite signs that his feet were hurting but nobody seemed to know what was wrong. It was one of the most frightening, but rewarding things I have ever done and gave me a real insight into the way the hoof can heal itself given the chance. The knowledge I gained while helping my horse inspired me to learn more and I began to study Equine Podiatry with a view to a professional career.

Now, as well as running a successful business improving and maintaining hooves, I also train others in Equine Podiatry. This motivates me to constantly refine my own knowledge and skills and to keep up to date with the latest research.

Date Qualified: October 2005
Area Covered: Wiltshire
Website Address: www.healthyhooves.co.uk
Email Address: jayne@nullhealthyhooves.co.uk
Social Media:
Contact Number: 07979 354 658