Jenny Parsons

Like many EP’s, I was led to this career due to my own experience where the traditional approach to hoofcare was failing my horse. After years of trial and error playing with diet, different lotions and potions, alternative shoeing options, farriers and hoof crack repair attempts we were still dealing with constant pulled shoes, abscesses, intermittent lameness and very flat feet.  I decided that I needed to find the missing piece of the puzzle myself.

Thankfully I found the EPA and since then have found my passion in helping rehabilitate hoof pathologies and enabling horses to grow functional healthy feet.

I live in Nottinghamshire with my partner, 2 horses, dogs and ever increasing list of other animals!

Date Qualified: November 2015
Area Covered: Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and Warwickshire
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Contact Number: 07841 294 141