Melanie Clarke

My own horses have always been shoeless and it wasn’t until I used an equine podiatrist that I realised there was a difference between barefoot and shoeless and so began my barefoot Journey and career as an equine podiatrist. After undertaking the training and realising what I thought I knew and how much more there was to learn, I find that I am learning every day. I am truly grateful to be able to call this work, working alongside horses and their owners and being able to make a difference is amazing, not only to their feet but to their whole demeanour also.

I particularly enjoy working with the horses that are struggling to have their feet done for whatever reason, in a calm and non-forceful manner, having had success where others have failed.

I am advocate for track life for horses and benefits this life has and the impact on their feet.

I am truly grateful to be able to call this work – find something you are passionate about and you will never have to go to work again.

Date Qualified: 06/08/2021
Area Covered: 30 Mile radius Nottingham ( M1 J25)
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Social Media: Melanie Clarke Equine Podiatrist
Contact Number: 07535979502