Nia Cooke

nia-cookeI started on the barefoot journey because of my mares behavioural issues, she was a rescue case. Two farriers refused to tend to Milly without sedation, so I decided to keep her barefoot whilst getting her used to having her feet handled, initially with every intention of getting the farrier back to put shoes on once she was trained, and happy to have her feet handled by a stranger. But she did so well without shoes, that I have never looked back.

Over time, my interest in all things hoofy grew and grew and I’ve learned of so many benefits for the horse of being barefoot, I’ve become passionate about helping owners and their horses work without shoes. So much so, that I decided to change my career from Chartered Management Accountant to Equine Podiatrist.

Date Qualified: July 2013
Area Covered: North Wales and Cheshire
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Social Media: Facebook – PonyPedicures
Contact Number: 07766 087722