Nick Vincent

nick-vincentFor many years I asked the same questions that many of us do – with no satisfactory answers – “Why do my horses’ feet grow so flat? Why are they so flared? Why this, why that, why?”

Eventually I decided to find out for myself and so I embarked on a diploma course in Applied Equine Podiatry, studying under KC La Pierre. Since qualifying I have seen first hand how correct balance together with correct environmental stimulus can dramatically improve many horses’ feet, with corresponding improvement in performance.

I regard the welfare of the horse as my top priority and while much of my work involves trimming, I regard my primary role as a resource to help owners improve and maintain the health of their horses’ feet.

I continue to learn every day and take great pleasure in working with owners, vets and other equine professionals from across the world but my greatest teachers are the horses themselves.

I live in Cardiff and cover South Wales, as an EP and a member of the EPA(UK).

Date Qualified: November 2006
Area Covered: South Wales
Website Address: n/a
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Contact Number: 029 2065 6759
07986 960987