Equine Podiatry in Action

This page is intended to showcase what horses cared for by equine podiatrists get up to. You can also see a selection of case studies here.

The following photographs should dispel some of the myths about what barefoot horses can do…

If you have a good photograph of a horse trimmed by a member of the association performing in any discipline, or just enjoying a good hack, we’d love to be able to put it on show here. Please send photos to the Association Secretary.


Vikki and Echo - Cross country Horse: Echo
Rider: Vikki Fear
What: Cross Country training day
Clair_Blondie Horse: Blondie
Rider: Clair
What: BS CLub regional finals
Clair_Ted Horse: Ted
Rider: Clair
What: Dressage
Emma_Taylor Horse: Taylor
Rider: Emma Baker
What: Hunter Trials
Emma_Rio Horse: Rio
Rider: Emma Baker
What: Dressage
Emma_Gelly Horse: Gelly
Rider: Emma Baker
What: Showing
lesley_fru_BE80 Horse: Frugal
Rider: Lesley
What: BE80
lesley_Fru_bloodhounds Horse: Frugal
Rider: Lesley
What: Out with the bloodhounds on a VERY wet afternoon
Tracey & Sunny Funride Horse: Sunny
Rider: Tracey Pettipher
What: 10 mile fun ride
Maggie & Rinney Funride Horse: Rinney
Rider: Maggie
What: 10 mile fun ride
Holly_Mags Horse: Magda (owned by Jayne Hunt)
Rider: Holly
Iggy Horse:Iggy
What:Popping a log
Orienteering Horse:Kismet
What:Orienteering Phase, Trec Level 1 Championships
What:Trec level 1 Champions
Horse: Caesar
Rider: Heather
What:Cross-country training