Aims and Objectives

The key aims and objectives of the Equine Podiatry Association are:

  • to promote the role of Equine Podiatry in improving equine welfare and act as a body for the purposes of consultation in matters relating to hoof care and the science and application of Equine Podiatry.
  • to maintain and publish a register of qualified Equine Podiatrists indicating level of qualification and to ensure that the general public can determine that the professionals they employ meet the standards of the association.
  • to ensure that those included in the above mentioned register continue to develop their professional knowledge and skills and are up to date with latest developments in the field.
  • to promote good practice and to set and maintain standards of professional conduct and competence in Equine Podiatry.
  • to set and promote standards in education and training in the principles and practice of Equine Podiatry.
  • to organise and maintain schemes for the regulation and discipline of the Association’s members in matters of professional conduct and provide a means of redress to those who feel that they have a professional grievance with a member of the Association.
  • to encourage further evidence-based research into Equine Podiatry and disseminate the results of that research.