Running Courses in Equine Podiatry

Guidelines for Members of the EPA(UK)

Issued:16 December 2014

From time to time, qualified Equine Podiatrists may choose to run courses for horse owners and other interested parties in Equine Podiatry. Course content is entirely at the discretion of the EP providing the training. However, the Equine Podiatry Association (UK) wishes to clarify the following points:

Teaching Trimming

In the interests of equine welfare, the Equine Podiatry Association (UK) does not condone teaching trimming as part of a publicly advertised course other than where that course leads to a professional qualification in equine podiatry or is aimed at appropriate professionals such as farrier or vets. This relates to any public course taught by a member, regardless of whether or not that course has been endorsed by the EPA(UK). While some guidelines may be given during such courses on how to round off chipped walls in between visits from a qualified practitioner, under no circumstances should members attempt to teach course participants how to trim and balance an entire hoof. This is because the Association recognises that course members, however enthusiastic and well intentioned, will not usually have sufficient underpinning knowledge of the equine hoof to accurately assess its requirements. Members are however free to teach their clients appropriate aspects of maintenance trimming specific to the clients’ horses so long as it is made clear that the training provided is intended for that purpose only and does not qualify them to trim hooves in general.

The EPA(UK) has no jurisdiction over training courses run by its members outside of the UK.

Members Seeking EPA(UK) Endorsement of their Training Course

A Full Member of the EPA(UK) who wishes to run a training course which has been endorsed by the Equine Podiatry Association (UK) must submit a detailed course outline together with proposed handouts to the Association Secretary for consideration by the Council. An informal interview may be required to answer any additional questions and to assess the EP’s teaching style before a decision will be made.

Once permission has been granted, the EP will be entitled to advertise and run their course as an approved course as many times as they like. The EPA will also be pleased to advertise these courses on its website.

If the fundamental content of the course outline changes, the member must apply to the Council for re-assessment in order to retain their endorsement.

The EPA(UK) will not provide any insurance relating to the running of an EPA-endorsed course. This will be considered the responsibility of the EP running the course.

Courses that are NOT Endorsed by the EPA(UK)

Any Full member of the EPA(UK) is entitled to run their own training courses, provided they do not falsy state or imply that their course is endorsed by the Equine Podiatry Association (UK) and provided that it is consistent with the requirements of the Association’s Code of Conduct and follows the guidelines given above.