Complaints Made About EPA Members

We have listed below all formal complaints which have been made to the Equine Podiatry Association about any of our members.

The name of the member concerned is only revealed if a complaint has been upheld.


December 2007

A complaint was made about a Full Member having failed to correct a hoof pathology (white line disease) and unprofessional behaviour. After extensive investigations the Council ruled in May 2008 that there was no evidence that the member had acted unprofessionally. Photographic evidence provided by the member contradicted the claim that the hooves had deteriorated under the member’s care. No formal sanction was taken against the member concerned, but the member was given guidance suggesting that more detailed records be kept in future.

February 2014

A complaint was made about the content of an EP’s website which compared the services provided by an EP with that of a farrier. The complainant requested that the wording be changed as it was deemed to be derogatory to the farriery profession. While the Council did not believe any statements to be untrue, a recommendation was made to the EP concerned that some wording could be amended to be less inflammatory. Guidelines were also issued to the membership about professionalism when publishing information on the internet.