Cat Redwood

Equine podiatry perfectly combines my love of horses and my passion for science.

In my early career, I trained as a developmental biologist and got my PhD in Stem cell genetics. Then I became a high school science teacher. After sharing and loaning horses for years, I finally got the opportunity to have my own. Being a scientist, I couldn’t help but question what I ‘knew’ about how to care for horses, particularly shoeing. So my barefoot journey began…

Then my horse collection grew by one and my adopted horse was, at first, terrified of having his hooves handled, so I re-trained him using positive reinforcement. Now I trim his hooves without even having to tie him. He whickers in anticipation at the sight of my trimmer’s apron and gently lifts his legs when I point at them.

As an Equine Podiatrist it is my mission to provide hoof care that is grounded in the best possible knowledge and underpinned by sound science. I am proud be able to help horses recover from hoof pathologies and (where needed) to help owners to achieve calm, safe hoof handling.

Date Qualified: 15th July 2021
Area Covered: Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Parts of West Yorkshire, Parts of High Peak
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Contact Number: 07715505219