Charlene Barnard


I became an EP when my hoof care provider in 2015 said me to that my weanling Haflinger, Nosely, will either have good hooves or bad hooves and there is nothing I can do about it. Well, this didn’t seem correct to me. If us as humans can do things to improve our natural nails, why can’t equines!?

I attended a fellow EP ‘Owners Hoof Health Day Course’ and it opened a whole new world to me, not only about hooves but a new why of thinking when it comes to the domestically kept equines, their diet, environment and their mental health – in fact, it made me realise we need A whole horse approach.

As a traditional yard owner of 15 years, I was able to change the environment to track and Equicentral, and this has now been in place for the last 4 years. I changed the diet to more forage based, but I still wanted to learn more about how I can help aid the horses’ hoof care to support them. 

I really enjoy learning new skills and knowledge so I set about looking into learning more. I did another hoof course with the same EP but this time  more advanced and in-depth, looking at the whole horse, such as diet and environment, how they are connected to the hoof. I wanted to learn more… so the lecturer told me who she qualified with and I then applied for a space for September 2019. Thanks to my husband looking after our three young boys, with a short COVID break for home schooling, I was able to complete the course in October 2022.

With the combination of my EP clients, The Track liveries and my ever growing number of my own equines, I learn every day, expanding my knowledge and ability to help other horses in the future.  






Date Qualified: October 2022
Area Covered: Milton Keynes, Towcester, Northants, some areas of Bedford, Buckingham
Contact Number: 07795066631
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Social Media: FB: Charlene Barnard Equine Podiatrist INSTA: charlene_barnard_ep