Danni Millmore

I qualified as a EP in October 2018, Living on the Isle OF Wight can be challenging at times, in 2015 I enrolled on the Equine podiatry training course after I was struggling to get a farrier out to trim my own horses. After a lot of research I decided to train as a EP to give my own horses and future clients horses the best possible hoof care I could.

This led to a career change which I’m pleased to say I could not be happier being able to help horses and clients only a daily basics is a true passion and ive never looked back.

I am know for my patient nature, I like to work with the horse and make every vist a comfortable positive experience.

Date Qualified: October 2018
Area Covered: ISLE OF WIGHT
Website Address:
Email Address: dannimill123@nullyahoo.co.uk
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Contact Number: 07880761680