David Bartley

Like a lot of other Equine Podiatrists there was a point in my life when I realised that traditional methods were not working for my horses. I went out looking for information, tried and tested some barefoot theories and found a huge can of worms I wanted to unravel. I learned pretty fast that when looking to improve hooves you first have to look at the body, often make nutritional and environmental changes and then, with the help of a trim see these improvements reflect in the feet. To cut a long story short, several years later I completed my Diploma and qualified with Equine Podiatry Training as an Equine Podiatrist.
I have several horses myself and believe that the needs of the horse should always come first. I am known for my gentle and patient nature, and helping horses is what I love to do.
Date Qualified: August 2018
Area Covered: 50 mile radius Tunbridge Wells
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Email Address: david.bartley@nullhoofability.co.uk
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Contact Number: 07796918724/ 01892 614983