Helen Stowell

Helen Stowell

I first became involved in barefoot back in 2003 whilst living in Australia.  When my thoroughbred mare Lucy came to me, she had problems with persistent bruising, white line damage and flaring.  The farrier couldn’t tell me what was causing it, let alone what to do about it.  So after a number of shoeing cycles I became frustrated that all my efforts to make sure she was as comfortable as possible (saddle fit, chiropractic and dental work), were being undermined by the state of her feet.

A few friends at my yard kept their horses barefoot and the difference in hoof health was evident (even to the layman that I was a the time).  I took some ‘self help owner trimming courses’, and supported by the fantastic Australian barefoot community was able to massively improve Lucy’s feet.

I’ve kept my horses barefoot ever since, and was really pleased when I returned to the UK seeking a new profesion to find a course of the quality of that provided by Equine Podiatry Training Limited.   The breadth and variety of how the horses’ hooves react to what is happening in their environment, and to their diet and workload is immense and the course has set me up for a lifetime of learning about this crucial part of our beloved horse’s anatomy.

I love working with my clients and supporting their efforts to get their horse’s hooves as happy and as healthy as they can be.  I also enjoy working with nervous and unconfident horses, I find that taking my time to help them cope with the trimming process pays in the long run – they often become my smoochiest clients!

Date Qualified: Jan 2015
Area Covered: Ten miles from Church Stretton Shropshire
Website Address: www.muddyhooves.net
Email Address: helen@nullmuddyhooves.net
Social Media: Facebook – Muddy Hooves Equine Podiatry by Helen Stowell
Contact Number: 07879 848168