Linda Wilmer

I first became interested in barefoot after my mare became diagnosed with arthritis and after removing her shoes, she noticeably started to move better.

This, coupled with an existing interest in nutrition, due to my mares sweetitch and my geldings previous laminitis led me to contact an Equine Podiatrist to try and help me get the best solution that would work for both of my ponies, one ridden Haflinger and one companion miniature.

Fast forward and one conversation led to another, which finally led to training to become an Equine Podiatrist through Equine Podiatry Training Ltd and gaining my Level 5 Diploma in Equine Podiatry in 2022.

I love working with owners and their horses to identify what is needed to achieve the same positive results that I first saw for myself for my own ponies and as such, I treat each horse with time and patience to create the trust needed to allow them to let me in to their space.

Date Qualified: August 2022
Area Covered: Working mainly in Hampshire and the New Forest.
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Contact Number: 07719945346