Lynda Rolleston

I have had a passion for horses for as long as I can remember and spent much of my childhood researching all aspects of horse care and spending as much time in their company as possible. I would volunteer my help to anyone who would let me, until I finally got my own pony in my early teenage years.

My desire to work with horses began early on. As a scientist and experienced teacher thereof, aspects of conventional hoof care did not make biomechanical sense to me on a foundation level. Despite my instincts on the matter I always followed the advice of those I considered more experience equestrians than myself. It wasn’t until my older horse was diagnosed with arthritis, side bone and navicular that my Vet and Farrier suggested to take her shoes off.

Taking her barefoot dramatically improved her comfort levels and we had many more years before she was fully retired. I was very happy with the work my farrier was doing, but, it became increasingly difficult to book in regular appointments due to both of our commitments which left my horses sometimes going too long between trims. My solution was to learn to trim myself.

It was during my training that I realised that keeping a horse barefoot was not as simple as just learning to trim and balance the hooves; that nutrition, environment and a whole host of other variables are as much of a factor as the trim. I was lucky that I was always interested in researching up to date studies of these factors individually and so my own horses transition was relatively event free. It has been fascinating, however, to acknowledge and learn about the challenges that others must deal with to keep horses successfully barefoot, enabling me to support other owners and their barefoot horses.

I enjoy being part of the Equine podiatry association as the CPD opportunities available, continue my education in line with up to date research, provide supportive collaboration and healthy debate, ensuring that best practices are followed and progress continues.

Date Qualified: June 2017
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Contact Number: 07747 786616