Marina Day (nee MacKenzie)

I am the UK’s most northerly EP and one of only four in Scotland.  I’m based in Easter Ross with clients in the Ross-shire, Sutherland and Inverness-shire areas.  One of my current horses, a TB mare called Charisma, was my motivation for getting into equine podiatry.  In a quest to understand and resolve some of her (many!) issues I read a lot about horse anatomy and physiology, behaviour and training, feeding, saddles – lots of bits of the ‘horse jigsaw’.  Hoof health was a ‘jigsaw piece’ that kept cropping up and I realised just how interrelated all the pieces are.  I enrolled on the EPT course in 2016 and qualified in 2018.  Initially I just wanted to help Charisma and my other horses and some friends’ horses locally but my passion for the work, combined with a growing demand for EP services in the north of Scotland, has led me to establishing Alba Equine Podiatry.  I am available to take on new clients.

Date Qualified: November  2018
Area Covered: North of Scotland (Ross-shire, Sutherland and Inverness-shire plus further afield by arrangement)
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Contact Number: 07960 574 549