Megan Birbeck

I am a fully qualified Equine Podiatrist covering most of Durham, Newcastle and Northumberland.

Like other members, I became an Equine Podiatrist when traditional methods weren’t working for my horse. My farrier at the time recommended taking my horses shoes off, I started researching and quickly realised that there was more to hoof health. I provide an alternative service where the whole horse is considered, including the horses environment, its nutrition and then with the help of trimming.

I am the proud owner of two barefoot horses who I compete regularly and enjoy cross country, show jumping, hacking and dressage

Please get in contact if you would like any further information.

Date Qualified: July 2022
Area Covered: Co.Durham, Newcastle, Northumberland and surrounding areas
Email Address:
Social Media: Barefoot First – Equine Podiatrist | Facebook
Contact Number: 07342972014