Mel Bhavsar

Mel Bhavsar EP

I came across Equine Podiatry when I was researching barefoot trimmers before taking the shoes off my own ex-racer. The holistic, whole-horse approach instantly made sense and I set about finding out as much as I could. Horses have been the one constant through all the periods of my life and so, after seeing just how much better my horse’s hooves were under the care of an EP, and having fallen into an office job by no real design, I decided to study for the Diploma in Equine Podiatry. This was like opening a window into a whole new world, and I am constantly amazed and fascinated by the way horses’ hooves adapt to different situations, and the ways in which we can help them towards achieving their best form and function.

I’ve not met a horse yet that I didn’t like or enjoy working with, but as an owner of a non-ridden horse myself, I particularly love working with horses that are retired or who have needs that mean they don’t have a “job” as so many horses are expected to. These horses are just as deserving of healthy, functional hooves as any competition horse and it’s my pleasure to help them (and their owners) achieve that. That said, it’s very rewarding to help people enjoy doing “normal” things with their unshod horses – long hacks and fun rides, competing and jumping. Barefoot is definitely not just for field ornaments!

Date Qualified: May 2021
Area Covered: Within 40 miles of Nottingham
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Contact Number: 07779 082099