Naomi Garner

Reliable barefoot trimming in Devon for all equines. Barefoot maintenace, lameness rehabilitation, boot fitting and advice. Passion for laminitis rehab and nervous equines with interests in Equine Behavior.

My older horse Caramac was 17 when I took his shoes off with the help of an Equine Podiatrist. When I got my feral Dartmoor pony Ares he had been living on the moors wild for 6 years, the differences between his and Mac’s hooves was distinct.

I started with basic trimming between visits with direction from my EP, when she told me one day about the Equine Podiatry Training course. My interest was peaked and I applied, I have never looked back since.

I have a strong interest in science based equine training and behaviour modification that I utilise in my trimming. 

Date Qualified: October 2022
Area Covered: East Devon, South Devon, Mid Devon, West Dorset, South West Somerset
Website Address:
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Social Media: @bareremedyep
Contact Number: 07521402584