Sally Bell

I first became interested in hooves from a performance perspective, and how a horse’s hooves can influence this, through a long and frustrating experience with my own horse, who is bred ‘in the pink’ but was just not going like he should! After a thorough process of elimination, I decided in desperation to try taking his shoes off. Although I was initially sceptical, the effect of this undoubtedly made a massive positive difference to his feet and his performance – from day one, it was literally like riding a different horse. This is what first inspired me to learn more about hooves, and ultimately to become an EP – and now I understand what was going on with my own horse too. You can read the whole story on my website.

My background up until then horse-wise had been fairly traditional – I’m also a BHSAI, have had my own conventional yard, and always competed a variety of (shod) horses, mostly in Dressage and Eventing. I have had to turn a lot of my thinking upside-down, so to speak! This also helps me to understand and bridge the gap between conventional hoof care and Equine Podiatry thinking.

I qualified in October ’10, and the business has kept me working full time as an EP ever since, with a varied case load providing me with a lot of experience in virtually all types of hooves and their problems!  In July 2017 I developed a ‘Hoof Rehabilitation and Barefoot Livery Centre’ where I can take horses on long or short term Rehabilitation, Full or Part Livery basis – there we can provide a specialised holistic, optimal and bespoke approach, encompassing all management aspects, which can be vital in improving and returning hoof health for many conditions.  Please see my website or facebook page for more information, or give me a call!

Date Qualified: October 2010
Area Covered: Approx 25 miles radius of Bristol.  You can also come to the yard!  Will travel further for one-off consultations and advice.
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Contact Number: 01275 475003 / 07990 973913