Sally Chaplin

My first horse was shod all round because that’s what everyone at my yard did, after 4 months I fell off quite spectacularly and broke my leg so we took her shoes off to save money. It took me 6 months to get back to riding and during that period of inactivity I spent a lot of time reading about keeping horses barefoot and why it’s healthier for them, so I never put shoes back on. Unfortunately Willow was quite a challenging transition, needing boots all round for any uneven surfaces, and eventually I decided the best way to get her comfortable was to learn how to trim myself! The EPAUK course was eye opening, my ponies are all more comfortable and I love being able to help other owners successfully keep their horses barefoot.

Date Qualified: November 2018
Area Covered: 25 mile radius of Bristol
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Contact Number: 07825 329 192